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Shannon Wild

Wildlife Photography How-To by Shannon Wild 3rd Edition

Wildlife Photography How-To by Shannon Wild 3rd Edition

60 PAGES in an instantly downloadable PDF!

Master wildlife photography with my comprehensive e-book filled with photos, easy to understand photography fundamentals, tips, and diagrams.

All images are accompanied by camera settings to show how my images were achieved.

A must-read for anyone wanting to improve their abilities in photographing moving objects and their skills in general.

Includes my Lightroom editing techniques.

Easy to understand ...

Learn photography fundamentals and how they are applied specifically to wildlife photography in a clean, simple format with easy to understand text and diagrams.

Camera Settings ...

Every image example contains camera data to see how it was shot.

For the beginner, this will allow you to see patterns in shooting settings and develop an understanding of how certain settings 'look'. For the more experienced, these settings will allow you to understand how each image was achieved at a quick glance.


  • Working with animals 
  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed
  • ISO
  • Manual Mode
  • Exposure & Metering
  • Using the histogram
  • Focusing
  • Full Frame vs Cropped Sensor
  • Lenses & Extras
  • Supports
  • RAW vs JPEG
  • Custom Picture Controls
  • Software
  • Step-by-step editing in Lightroom
  • Workflow

Elevate your photography skills now with guidance from National Geographic photographer and filmmaker Shannon Wild and her over 17 years experience.

*PDFs are  universally recognized by Macs and PCs alike and works on all ebook readers. 

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