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Shannon Wild

Captive Care of the Central Netted Dragon

Captive Care of the Central Netted Dragon

63 DOUBLE SPREAD PAGES in an instantly downloadable PDF!

The essential resource for Central Netted Dragon owners!  63 double spread pages of useful information, modern, easy to read layout and full colour photographs.

Central Netted Dragons have specific captive care requirements.  This book covers all areas of captive husbandry from Lighting & Heating to Breeding and much more.


  • Habitat
  • Handling
  • Housing & Cleaning
  • Lighting & Heating
  • Heat & Basking
  • Brumation
  • Optimum Enclosure Setup Diagram
  • Feeding
  • Bathing & Sloughing
  • Breeding
  • Health & Diseases
  • Australian National Parks & Wildlife Directory
  • Record Keeping Data Template

*PDFs are universally recognized by Macs and PCs alike and works on all ebook readers. 

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